Slovní zásoba – prak

Slovní zásoba k videu na téma jak vyrobit prak Článek s videm o výrobě praku z provázku.

Zde je text úvodního povídání:

Slings have been in use since the late Stone Age. Still perhaps the most popular account of a slings use was a biblical battle between David and Goliath. The story is that a shepherd David equipped with only a sling defeated the warrior champion Goliath with well-aimed shot to the head. Story illustrates two important aspects of a sling. It’s a simple low-satatus weapon, and in the hands of an expert, it can be devastatingle effective.

Interesting Factoid: The surrent Guinness World Record distance of an object thrown with a sling stands at 1565 feet, or about 477 meters. The record was set by David Engvall in 1992, using a metal dart.

Traing it all together.

How to make A rock sling

Weaving the Sling’s Pouch

continue weaving until…your pouch is about…two inches wide.
Shaping the sling’s pouch